Part IV: Share / Engage

  1. We will spend the morning finishing our digital stories, wrapping up loose ends, answering questions, and then share our Digital Stories with the group in the afternoon.
  2. When you show your digital story to the group, please be sure to point out what tools you used, and what some of the main hurdles were that you had to overcome in order to complete your Digital Story. What did you learn in this process?
  3. We will present our Digital Stories to each other.
  4. Before we evaluate what we did, we are going to upload our Digital Stories to a common Wiki so that we can have access to many examples of what Digital Storytelling is.
  5. Please click the following link to add your Digital Story: CLICK HERE TO ADD YOUR DIGITAL STORY

Part V: Evaluate


  1. What did you learn from each other?
  2. What value do you see in this style of learning?
  3. What one or two tools will you definitely be able to use in your classroom?
  4. What were you most excited about over the last three days?

Please click the link below to complete the online evaluation: